Joe Fenton


Artist Biography


Joe Fenton is a British artist, designer, sculptor and illustrator, who mainly works in monochrome using graphite, ink, acrylics, oils on paper, canvas, and other mediums.

Joe’s art work is influenced by many of the early surrealists, embracing the humorous and grotesque Hieronymus Bosch like figures. Joe also uses motifs that suggest Eastern philosophy and Middle Eastern architecture, maintaining a feel for baroque with detailed frame ornamentation and plant like details, whilst exploring the strange tensions between life and death.

What’s your particular attraction to fear? And also to death?

I think my attraction to death and my desire to try and understand it comes from a need to have some control over my life…I also believe that it’s only when you can fully embrace death, will it be that you can truly embrace all that life has to offer as the two are inseparable.
Extract from interview with Joe Fenton in May 2014, by Clarissa Widya and The Tiny Pencil.
You can read the full interview here >>

Available to buy from The Soul Laundry shop

Available to buy from
The Soul Laundry shop

'Love Me Not'

A Limited Edition Print,
signed by Joe Fenton