Naoto Hattori


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Naoto Hattori creates surreal paintings of either disturbing or aesthetically beautiful works showing minuscule pieces of tiny, almost impossible detail. Hattori works with acrylic paint yet at first glance you would think he had done the piece digitally. Having studied Graphic Design in Tokyo, Hattori was ready to see a different scene in New York where he soon studied at the School of Visual Arts.

With these tiny portraits he is somehow able to create depths of life-like quality. They contrast with chiaroscuro technique, allowing porcelain hues to stand out from darkening surroundings. Themes of unexplained assemblages of creatures, floating heads, and the facial features of his young women who seem lost in thought, together in ambiguous settings.

Naoto Hattori exhibits all over the world and his pieces sell out fast. He has become a major collectible on the pop-surrealist world.

What is art to you?

Art has no limit, no rule, and no discrimination of superiority. As a result, art enables people to freely express themselves. When I paint on a blank canvas, I feel like a creator, a god. (Laugh). By gradually giving lives to creatures in a space where no one else exists, I create my own world.
Extract from interview with Naoto Hattori in April 2016, by Miu Vermillion for Beautiful Bizarre.
You can read the full interview here >>


Available to buy from The Soul Laundry shop

Available to buy from
The Soul Laundry shop

'Peek 011'

An original art piece, framed and signed by the artist.

'Heart Origin'

Limited edition print, signed and numbered by the artist.

'Rabbit Bird'

Limited edition print, signed and numbered by the artist.

'Mind Form IV'

Unnumbered limited print of 50.

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