The Soul Laundry // Shop

The Soul Laundry // Shop

Who was your favourite band or singer when you were growing up?

Those days when your bedroom was your space and you could put up posters, cut outs from magazines, of your favourite singer or band on your bedroom wall. Remember when you covered your student accommodation with music, gig, or art posters.

And now?
What decorates your walls at home?

Inspired by the Pablo Picasso quote,

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life”

The Soul Laundry curates and promotes affordable and collectable art, that are diverse, unpretentious, beautiful, and stunning.

Look for something different, something unique, a picture that reflects who you are.

It’s easy to drift through life collecting stuff and filling your home with objects and things that don’t necessarily reflect who you are, or  your personality. That’s the idea behind The Soul Laundry, we  aim to help you wash away those things and provide you with fresh new art. Art that shouts and speaks to you.

Be inspired

Enjoy and look through our latest art pieces below, or search by price range above. The menu also offers a choice of medium or you can browse through the artists.
Our recent curated online show “Love and Death” can be seen here >>
Any questions please get in touch.
Enjoy and have fun,
Julian –
The Soul Laundry

Recently added to the gallery

Discover more from the full range of art in The Soul Laundry archives >>

Discover more from the full range of art
in The Soul Laundry archives >>